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"WRAR(pronounced ROAR) INC 'VOICE IS OUR POWER' was born from the ashes of my trauma.  I was literally knocked down and handicapped by the universe but built back better finding my inner strength, courage, and endurance. Challenged along the way to find my passion and purpose. Then just when I thought I had reached my peak point I was gifted with esophageal cancer that reminded me of the importance of using my voice.
My passion and purpose is to use my voice in all of its forms to motivate and inspires women in finding their voice - in their way, in their time, and in their best interest. WRARInc. is a communications and connections company empowering women everywhere to stand in their voice, the seat of their power." -KS



" More than ever, it is important for us to focus on reconnecting with passion and purpose in our lives...Living purposeful lives and elevating careers is crucial to mental, spiritual, and physical wellness. We want to build safe spaces to remind women that a fulfilling life will lead them to be better leaders, family members, and community representatives"

-Kristin Sparks, CEO & Founder of WRAR, Inc.

As featured in Forbes 

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Kristin Sparks Loving Life
Kristin Sparks

"Voice is our Power"

'Voice is our Power:' Voice has the power to liberate us from our doubts, fear and uncertainties. When we use our voices to express ourselves authentically, we become more empowered and connected to our true selves. By speaking up, we are able to tap into a greater realm of self-confidence and self-awareness that can open up a world of possibilities.


WRARInc is an independent writer/host/promotor of the  brand The WRAR with Sparks Show that includes the podcast/broadcast "I DO ME" "Love, Joy, Grace Series,"  "WRAR with Sparks," "Women Real and Raw" and other shows, as well as promotes and speaks at events locally, nationally and internationally.

WRAR Inc is on mission to empower women to reach their highest potential by changing the conversation from Doubt, Shame and Guilt through transformational experiences to Love, Joy and Grace.


Kristin Sparks Standing on the Beach
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