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Are you looking for an inspiring speaker who can help your audience navigate challenging times and cultivate resilience? Look no further than Kristin, the wounded healer who has turned trauma into transformation and inspiration.

Values, Visions, Victories, Voices

LoVVVe Alchemy

 Letting our Values, Visions and Victories Elevate our VOICE!

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Get Ready to Ignite your Passion Flame

Motivational videos to inspire purpose, passion and your authentic self development

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Voice is our Power

Come join Kristin Sparks as she shares her own vulnerabilities and authentic self as well as bringing you other thought provoking leaders from all different walks of life. 


Words to Inspire and Inform

Tips and tricks, trials and tribulations. Writings to inspire your every day needs. 


"I just wanted... you to know, how much gratitude I have for you right now….  Today I did my first half day workshop….. wow…. I can’t believe I did it.  When I said yes to your offer earlier this year, it is because I really wanted to do it…. I had no idea how much my body would stop me….. and today I have done it. It was with 4 people that were unknown to me and I used a lot of JC’s scripts and I DID it.  For 3:45min I was in charge of that room and growing into the leader I am becoming.  So again thank you for the opportunity to set this all in motion …. I am so glad I said yes to you ….."Michelle

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