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Believe It's Possible

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

As I got older, I lost the magic of believing. I lost my faith and direction. I forgot what it was like to feel empowered and brave.

In this article, we are going to explore how to start believing in ourselves.

First, we begin from where we are. From there we build pathways and bridges. We create our own treasure map and quest towards achieving our goals.

To start from where you are, think about this question: What do you believe?

Does the question conjure up feelings of inadequacy? Do you begin to feel limitations?

Try this!

Complete the following paragraph by inserting the suggested information and then say it outload!

I, ___________________ (Your name) deserve the impossible!

I am worthy of everything I want in life. I believe in myself. I believe in the possibilities.

I deserve to have/achieve _______________ in my life. (list at least three (3) things)

Affirmations have been a huge part of my life in recent years. I can tell you from experience, they have made an impact.

Throughout my house, you can find little notes of inspiration. Ones I have written on sticky pads, or on flashcards and also ones I have purchased. My home is filled with little reminders.

While looking in the mirror as I get ready each morning, I have brightly colored sticky pads on the nearby wall, that I read as part of my daily routine. Saying affirmations, should be that; a part of your daily routine. Just like brushing your teeth or drinking water, affirmations are beneficial to your health and wellbeing.

Affirmations are treasures in your quest to believe the impossible is possible. They are the coins you deposit and use along the way of your journey. In times of doubt, in times you feel limited, use an affirmation.

Place affirmations along your road of success. Do not let your coins go to empty. Make new or re-use old ones. But always have them in your back pocket.

As you continue along your journey, you will start to feel your beliefs change. You will start to believe. And from this belief, you will find doors and windows of opportunity. Your quest will become more clear.

Affirmations have changed the way I think. I went from 'impossible' to 'possible' in my thought process. I set goals I never would have been able to set without the use of affirmations.

To start your journey of saying affirmations, use the script above. Write it down and post it somewhere you will see it. Say it at least three (3) times a day, if not more. When you are ready, create more affirmations. Then, watch yourself start to believe in the possibilities.

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