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The Power of Perception

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Perception is an incredibly powerful force that shapes our lives and affects how we interact with the world around us. It is essential in how we experience life and it serves as a reminder that no two people ever see things the same way.

The Power of perception

Our perception is informed by our experiences, knowledge, relationships, culture, and environment. The way we perceive ourselves and others can have a profound impact on how we think, feel, and act in any given situation. Understanding perception can help us to better understand ourselves as well as help build more meaningful connections with those around us.

At times, perception can be deceiving. We may have a preconceived notion or perception of someone or something that is not entirely accurate. This can lead us down the wrong path and keep us from understanding the true nature of what’s before us.

It is important to take time to pause and reflect on our perception to gain greater clarity and make sure we are not creating false assumptions. Understanding assumptions can help us to better understand ourselves as well as build more meaningful and truthful connections with those around us. Being mindful of our perception allows us to break through our own limiting beliefs and open ourselves up to new possibilities.

Ultimately, perception is a funny thing; it can be tricky to navigate but holds the potential for deep personal growth if we take the time to explore it. By being aware of our perception, we can develop a more open mindset and create a richer, more meaningful experience within ourselves and with those around us.

Over the New, Year l was reminded how perception plays such an important part in my life. I was estranged from my mother for many years before her passing. For me, she was this wonderfully amazing, and incredible 'little me' mom who taught me to be open, loving, creative, strong, and Crazy. For others she was kind and gentle and smart, I saw that too but as is true in many families we have secret lives we do not share with the rest of the world. I have some of those secrets too.

I have a hidden story with my family. I am not open with them about some of my truths as there is a lack of trust due to my perception of them. The story I tell myself about how they or others will act or re-act according to my own perceptions of them only gets in the way and perpetuates the limitations I am putting on others. By not sharing all of my truths, my feelings, my perceptions I am in reality making other people's choices for them and that is not my place to do.

But understanding perception can open us up to new possibilities within ourselves and help us better appreciate the differences in perception between ourselves and those around us. By consciously exploring our perception, we can move toward a richer and more fulfilling life experience. Ultimately, perception is an ever-evolving force that has the potential for great personal growth if we take the time to explore it mindfully. As we grow in our understanding of perception, our relationships will evolve and so will our outlook on life.

Love, Joy & Grace

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