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Tropical Flower and Palms

You R Purpose -
No More
Doubt, Shame or Guilt
Awaken to
Love, Joy and Grace

Our Programs

Values, Visions, Victories, Voices

Values, Visions, Victories, Voices


Alchemy Circle

Woman Release Doubt

"Life is a work in progress... not a competition nor a roadmap of performance... nor a shot for perfection.. but rather a journey of curiosity, wonder and discovery" © -Kristin Sparks

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Free Resources

Tropical Flower and Palms
Accent on
Kristin Sparks FREE Personal Values Assessment Test

Barrett Values Center 

Discover your own personal and unique values that motivate and move you every day

Kristin Sparks Self Love Self Care Worksheet

Self-Care, Self-Love Worksheet

It is time for YOU! Enjoy these fun and loving activites. Designed with YOU in mind.

Kristin Sparks Inner Smile Meditation

Inner Smile Meditation

Relax, rejuvenate and release that which is holding you back. Find peace within you

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Estranged Mothers

There is hope even when the world feels so wrong. 

Estrange Mother's

Joy in the Quagmire


Joy is a choice and can be found in any circumstance - if you want it reach for it with 3 easy steps.

Tropical Flower and Palms

Get Ready to Ignite your SPARKS Flame

Purpose, Passion and REAL 


Words to Inspire and Inform

Tips and tricks, trials and tribulations. Writings to inspire your every day needs. 

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Voice is our Power

Come join Kristin Sparks as she shares her own vulnerabilities and authentic self as well as bring you other thought provoking leaders from all different walks of life. 

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